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Electrical Wiring

Wiring brings power to all devices and appliance in your home or business. It may not look it, but it does require experience and diligence to be done correctly. The safely of your family and home depend on it. From minor to major projects our certified electricians will install up-to-code in homes and businesses.

Lighting Fixture Installation

Planning on installing new lights in your home or business? We install all types of fixtures from recessed lighting to pendents, Kern Electric installs all types of lighting fixture. Depending on the application, the light fixture has to be properly selected to avoid code violations and potential risk of fires.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a great way to supplement or even replace a home’s cooling system and circulate warm air during cooler months which can save your money on your energy bill. Ceiling fans come in many different styles and can also add a nice decorative touch to any room.

Service Changes and Upgrades

Service changes can are necessary for a number of reasons, to you need to change out bad breakers or up your amperage to section of your home or business. Kern Electric can handle any changes or repairs that you need to make to your service safely. A service upgrade requires all new components of your electrical panel. Kern Electric is trained to safely complete any work that needs to be completed to your electrical service.

Standby Generators

Losing power to your home or business can be a real inconvenience, but it can also cause damage to your home or business. Basements can flood, pipes could freeze, or food could spoil if freezers stop working. The aging power grid is causing more frequent and longer lasting power outages. Do you have someone in your home who has a medical condition that requires equipment to keep them healthy? A generator is a great way to protect your family, home or business. There are many types of standby generators and your need a professional to help you size and program your generator. Whatever your budget Kern Electric can help design a generator system for you.

Transfer Switches

Whether you are installing a standby or have a portable generator, you will need a transfer switch to transfer power from the power company to your generator. For a portable generator a manual transfer switch is installed. Automatic transfer switches are installed for a standby generator. A transfer switch will save you a lot of headache and keep your family and home safe.

Smoke Detector Installation

Every home should have smoke detectors installed. Whether its the battery operated ones or the top of the line hard wired smoke and carbon Monoxide detectors. A hard wired system will keep you home and family safe because all the smoke detectors for interconnected so no matter where the fire is all the detectors will go off giving your family extra time to get to safety.